Necessary but not sufficient

Many years ago, I read an interesting tidbit somewhere about raising capital for startups. There was a checklist of qualities that correlate with fundraising success (and ultimately startup success). The list went something like this: good team good market opportunity good traction good timing …and other bullet points of that nature. But the key takeaway […]

Break features for fun and profit

There is reassuringly steady progress in software development productivity. In only a few short years the pace of what is considered acceptable output in terms of development has changed pretty dramatically. The usual culprits are: faster hardware and networks, which lead to better programming languages, tools, and platforms, which produce better frameworks, libraries, services, and […]

Bringing hobby applications to production

Hang out around techie circles enough and you’ll eventually hear a variation of the astonished “X has how many engineers?”, where X is every notable startup and technology company ever created. For example, here are some undated (but relatively recent) ballpark numbers for product and engineering staff divisions of randomly selected companies: Instagram: 1,800 engineers […]