Changes to constant unloading in Ruby 2.4

We noticed some interesting behavior recently while upgrading to Rails 5.0.1 and Ruby 2.4. Between MRI 2.3x branch and 2.4.0, constant unloading no longer affects variable references to the unloaded class constant: ref = Object.const_set(“ASD”, => ASD 2.4.0 :014 > Object.send(:remove_const, “ASD”) => ASD 2.4.0 :015 > => “ASD” In previous versions of […]

The two-man rule in engineering

In nuclear weapons design, there is a two-man rule that prevents any single individual from accidentally — or maliciously — launching nuclear weapons. Each step requires knowledge and consent from two individuals to proceed. Even when the President initiates a launch order, he must jointly authenticate with the Secretary of Defense (they’re given separate codes, […]

Heroku Pricing Changes

Couple of quick points on Heroku’s pricing changes which I’ve been meaning to get out: Its not an across-the-board price cut. While the dyno pricing has decreased, they also got rid of the free $36ish/month in free dyno credits. New free tier replaces the free dyno credit. Minimum 6 hours of sleep per day means […]

Why Work at a Startup?

Because I’m tired of explaining to everyone, I’m going to make this list to refer to anyone who asks. While I don’t think any of these are particularly original, it makes a handy checklist for anyone considering a similar jump[1]. ¬†Faster time to market. At Privy, we routinely ship code that was written earlier in […]